Native Wetlands
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Nestled in the tranquility of The Hamptons lies a sanctuary for rescued horses, surrounded by the soothing embrace of nature. Amidst this idyllic farm setting, an eco-friendly native wetland graces the landscape, offering a serene oasis. Through careful and precise design and installation intention, the wetland was sculpted with a synthetic clay lining system to ensure its integrity. Adding to its natural beauty, a 150-foot stream meanders gracefully, gently circulating the pond's waters, providing essential filtration and aeration and creating a mesmerizing sight and sound that calms the soul. Deliberately designed and adorned with native wetland plantings, this sanctuary becomes a haven for local wildlife, fostering a harmonious ecosystem. Each season brings its own enchantment, further enhancing the allure of this sanctuary, where the calming effects of water and nature intertwine seamlessly.


Design: Aquatic Habitats

Installation: Aquatic Habitats