Architectural Water Features
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In response to the client's desire for versatility, Aquatic Habitats meticulously designed and installed this diverse formal water lily garden. This exquisite creation effortlessly transforms from a serene reflecting pool to a bubbling fountain and a cascading rain curtain waterfall, all with a simple push of a button. Enhanced by a custom automated filtration system, the water feature grants remote control over its various displays, pump functions, lighting schedules, and color schemes.

Crafted from Gunite and Bluestone and sealed with a Koi-safe waterproofing system, this feature offers unparalleled tranquility and a wide range of customization options. Whether it's the gentle ripple of the reflecting pool, the soothing bubbling of the fountain, or the mesmerizing cascade of the waterfall, each element contributes to creating a serene oasis where one can unwind and find solace in the calming embrace of water.


Design: Aquatic Habitats

Installation: Aquatic Habitats