Native Wetlands
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Our client often found himself reflecting on the days growing up in Israel, where he worked alongside his family. His father was a world-renowned landscape designer with a passion for creating and installing large native wetlands to accompany his projects. These memories provided the motivation for our client to pay homage to him by commissioning Aquatic Habitats to install a wetland at his new retirement home embedded in the wine country of the North Fork of Long Island. We collaborated to recreate the natural ponds of mid-century Israel, allowing the shadows of the client’s childhood memories to persist in full color.

After it was machine-excavated, this wetland was constructed with a synthetic clay lining. A 75- foot natural stream bed recirculates the pond’s water column ensuring the natural filtration and aeration needed to sustain its health and balance. Aquatic Habitats designed and installed the necessary native wetland planting arrangement to assist in the pond’s natural filtration process and blend into the beautiful meadows and meditative walking paths landscaped throughout the property.

Designing, creating, and installing this native wetland alongside our client was an absolute pleasure. From this project, a true friendship has formed between the property owner and John Artarian, the proprietor and visionary of Aquatic Habitats. If you were to eavesdrop on their conversations over lunch, you’d learn of their shared Middle Eastern heritage, their love of eclectic food, guitars, and, of course, all things ponds.